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Sharing the little we have for a better world

A Summer School Exchange initiative.

The education of one student in Germany costs the government 6400 Euro1 every single year, all paid by tax money. Which is fortunate, just imagine yourself being in the position to pay this money on your own! Would you still be able to send your kinds off to school every day? Or even worse would you have to decide which of your children get the privilege of education? Would there be some of them left behind since you simply cannot effort it?

Now imagine there is a country where people have no trouble of coming up with this amount of money. In fact they even spend the same money on a simple haircut or a ticket to the movie theater! This comparison may seem a bit unreal in the first place and a bit over the top, but it is by far not! It is just that we in Germany are on the lucky side!  Our country is giving us the privilege of free basic education which we take for granted.

So who are the others?

Take this boy Davison for instance. He is staying at his grandmother's and each year he cannot be sure to be able to continue school because it is so hard to raise money for school fees -  and we are talking about roughly 20 Euros for the whole year!

Do you think this is terrible and not unacceptable?

This is what we think as well! But a lot of children and youths in Zambia in South of Africa are still facing this - or a worse - fate. Nevertheless we can give them so much help by just a tiny effort on our side!

What is this about?

We want to support children and youths in Zambia financially by paying the school fees of those who would not be able to do so on their own. With rather small contributions we can already make a big difference on a Zambian scale. The costs per pupil per year are around 20 €/ K90.00 (including school fee, uniform, pencil and paper). Which means we are trying to get donations in steps of 20€ (20€, 40, 60…) to always ensure that one child can go to school for an entire year.

Who we are

During an intercultural exchange program in summer 2013 our group of German and Zambian students has spent some weeks in the Southern Province of Zambia. This terrible situation has touched us deeply  and so we decided on starting this project.

Further details are explained on these pages. We should be very happy to gain your support!


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